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Santoku Knife 6.7 inches (180 mm) all-purpose #3014 MinonoKuni Yamahide

Santoku Knife 6.7 inches (180 mm) all-purpose #3014 MinonoKuni Yamahide

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Santoku knives are common for households, versatile enough to handle a wide range of tasks. The term "Santoku" comes from Japanese, meaning "three virtues" or "three uses," (meat, fish and vegetable) reflecting its versatility in the kitchen.

Knife Type : Santoku (multi purpose)
Steel Type : SPG2(R2)
Blade Type : Sanmai Blade, V edge
Blade Length : 180 mm, 6.7 inches
Ferrule Material : Black Laminated Wood
Handle Material : Glay Laminated Wood

【USE and CARE】
- Do not cut, pound, or chop frozen goods or bones. The blade may chip or break.
- Wash the blade in boiling water at about 60°C and dry.
- Do not use a dishwasher to clean the blade.
- If the sharpness of the blade becomes dull, use a sharpening stone to restore the sharpness of the blade.


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